Botox® Therapy for pain management is new option for TMJ disorder, clenching habits, and night time grinding. The use of Botox® is temporary but very effective muscle relaxer and is very helpful in alleviating pain and tooth destruction of these habits.

Botox® is also very useful tool for facial appearance enhancement. many people are aware of its very effective wrinkle reducing benefits by relaxing facial muscles; but Botox® is also able to relax hyperactive upper lips that show too much gingiva upon smiling, reducing a gummy smile to a more normal appearance.

Cold Spring Family Dentistry has had extensive training in the use of Botox® for both cosmetic enhancement and pain management.

Botox® Therapeutic Treatment of Gummy smiles

Botox-Therapeutic treatment of -Gummy smiles TMD

Botox® Cosmetic treatments also available

Botox® Cosmetic treatments also available

Masseter Treatment with Botox®

Botox® Therapeutic Treatment for TMD(Masseter)

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