Cerec Crowns:

CEREC indications: inlay, onlay, crown, veneer, full anatomical temporary bridge.


(Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics)

CEREC is the unique CAD/CAM system for placing beautiful long lasting all-ceramic crowns in a single appointment.

Single Visit Crowns

A crown is used when a tooth is damaged to the point where a filling will no longer repair the tooth in the long term.  

In the past when a crown was need the tooth was ground to leave a sort of post. An impression was made of your teeth and this was sent in to a laboratory that specialized in making a crown. While you were waiting for the crown to be made a temporary crown was installed. This process was time consuming and required multiple visits.

With new CERECĀ® a new porcelain crown that matches your teeth can be created while you wait at the office. This process is more convenient and takes less time than the previous methods.

Cerec Same Visit Crown

What Our Patients Say:
I needed a crown, my visit was pain free. With the CERC same day crown system I was able to complete the entire procedure in less than 2 hours with no return visit. The new crown fit perfectly and Dr. Jeff explained the whole procedure as it happened. Thank you Dr. Jeff and your attentive staff for a quick and painless visit. Mike - Cold Spring