Sleep Apnea:

Sleep apnea is the condition in which a person will stop breathing or take very shallow breaths while he/she sleeps.  It is caused by the collapse of the airway during sleep.  It is a chronic condition that disrupts sleep and causes fatigue that leads to excessive daytime sleepiness.  It can increase the risk of serious health problems including heart failure, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, obesity, diabetes, heart arrhythmias and death from accidents caused by falling asleep.  To learn more click on this link.

Can a dentist treat sleep apnea?  Yes, with an oral appliance that can open the airway for better breathing while you sleep.  A sleep study is required prior to treatment to determine the type of sleep apnea that you have and if an oral appliance can work

Will my insurance cover an oral appliance?  Most of the time a medical plan will cover an oral appliance if the sleep study has been completed.

Tap 3 Elite appliance for the tretment of snoring.

Tap 3® Elite appliance for the treatment of snoring.

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